Press Release 09/2021

Press Release - For immediate release
September 13, 2021  -   4 min read


Nucleus Holding II, a Luxembourg partnership, announces today that it has reached a ground-breaking approval from the FMA (Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein) to increase the share capital of Nucleus Life AG.
This took place at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 7th of September in Vaduz.

It will allow to consolidate its two majority participations into Nucleus Life AG (Liechtenstein) et TriCap Assurance SPC (Cayman Islands).

Nucleus Holding II organise the share capital increase of Nucleus Life AG and TriCap Assurance SPC to cover the solvency requirements of both life carriers and to further develop the two operations.

Photonike Capital SA (Euronext Access Symbol: MLPHO) has taken a participation in Nucleus Holding II after entering into an exclusive Joint Venture agreement with Nucleus Holding II for the development of the Italian life insurance market.

Nucleus Life AG ( is based in Liechtenstein and is authorized to conduct life insurance business in several European countries. Nucleus Life AG has been in operation since 2006 in the B2B Life Insurance market, exclusively offering “contrats dédiés” (wrappers) to Unit Linked Group products and High Net Worth Individuals.

As the European life insurance market is reaching an unprecedented turning point, Photonike Capital SA and Nucleus Holding II are willing to exploit such new business opportunities in conjunction with an existing distribution network.

The Agreement also provides that the distribution will be enforced with the implementation of web marketing technology through another participation (25%) of Nucleus Holding II into a web marketing platform accounting seven million contacts.

The plan of Nucleus Holding II is to seek a listing either on the Luxembourg Stock Market and/or on the Euronext.

For any query in connection with this statement, please contact:

Nucleus Holding II contact line:    +352 26 89 82 22
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Released in Luxembourg on 13th August 2021

Note to editors:
Nucleus Holding II is an innovative composite insurance group active in life assurance and specialised risk structures.  Life assurance solutions are provided under the name Nucleus Life and TriCap Assurance.  Nucleus Holding II is head quartered in Luxembourg.


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