Asset Protector

Our flagship product, the Asset Protector, is a sophisticated life insurance product which, depending on the country, provides for unparalleled flexibility in choice of underlying assets, investment strategy, custodian bank and asset manager.

Choice of underlying assets
Depending on the country, a wide range of assets including equities, bonds or even assets such as property and unquoted stock can be included in the policy (subject to valuation and pricing agreement).

It is furthermore possible to pay in additional premiums (or bring in further assets) or make withdrawals (take out assets) as and when required.

Choice of custodian account
The assets of each policyholder's policy are kept in a separate custodian account at a reputable bank. This not only serves as a safeguard facility, but it also provides for complete transparency in terms of performance and costs.

Choice of asset manager
An individual asset manager is appointed to manage the assets in the custodian account according to the risk profile and wishes of the policyholder.

Choice of investment strategy
The policyholder may choose and dictate the investment strategy that must be applied to the underlying assets of the policy. The investment strategy may furthermore be changed at any time during the lifetime of the policy.

Flexible product structure
The Nucleus Asset Protector offers tremendous customisation possibilities to cater for the specific needs of the policyholder.


  • Asset protection
  • Distribution of wealth
  • Estate planning
  • Tax optimization
  • Transparency

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