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Situated in the heart of Europe between Belgium, Germany and France, Luxembourg is one of the smallest members of the European Union.

A founding member of the European Union, Luxembourg is a member of all the major international organisations. Its strategic location and openness towards the outside world, its political and social tability based on a culture of consensus, combined with a high quality of life, has attracted investors from around the world.

The legal and regulatory framework is stable enough to be reliable and flexible enough to be adapted rapidly to an ever-changing environment. These factors, combined with an excellent logistical and communications infrastructure, make Luxembourg an ideal gateway to the European market and its 500 million consumers.

The evolution of Luxembourg into an international financial centre began a century when American, German and Swiss banks began to develop business in the Euromarket.

The activities of the financial centre spread progressively wider, firstly to private banking and asset management and later to investment funds. A series of niche activities were added over the course of the last twenty years and today the Luxembourg financial centre is broadly diversified. This success is based first and foremost on a modern legal and regulatory framework which is particularly business friendly. As a Member State of the European Union, this framework is largely predefined by European Directives.

Today the Luxembourg financial centre is the largest investment fund centre in Europe - and second in the world after the United States - the leading private banking centre in the Eurozone and the largest captive reinsurance centre in Europe.









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